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Living in Montréal

free guide living in montreal and surroundings
"Living in Montréal and area" - Free guide

You have chosen to settle in a vibrant city, known internationally for its dynamic economy, cultural effervescence and quality of life; a place of history and diversity that takes great pride in its openness to North America and Europe alike.

But moving to a new country, be it temporary or long-term, raises many questions and you are certainly wondering how to make your installation as effortless as possible. Enjoying a well organized daily life from the start will save you time and energy to start a business, complete your studies, find a job, develop your social and professional networks and of course discover Montreal and its surroundings: Laval and the North Crown, as well as Longueuil and the South Crown.

Together with our partner Montréal International, we share with you all resources known to us, as practitioners, in order to ease your and your family’s installation: work, education, housing, hobbies, life hacks and much more!

Welcome to Montréal! Welcome home!

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