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Toutes les informations pour immigrer, vivre, travailler et étudier au Québec (Canada)

Living in Québec City

"Living in Québec City and its surrounding" free guide (Québec, Canada)

A future-focused city with many points of interest, Québec City and its surrounding areas attract immigrants from around the world every year. If you are looking for a “small” big city that offers an outstanding quality of life and promising employment prospects, Québec City and its surroundings will win you over. And nature lovers will want to explore and settle down in Charlevoix, Portneuf or the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

The new Living in Québec City & Area guide, published in partnership with Québec International, and available in French, English and Portuguese, is an indispensable tool for settling in the region. In it you’ll find key information about working, starting a business, and studying, and about properly preparing for your move and successfully starting life in Québec.

Because the immigration process is rarely an easy ride, immigrants share their stories in this guide about their experiences working, studying and settling down as a family. Once you arrive, you won’t be alone – don’t hesitate to meet with other immigrants and get advice from the many reception organizations that will be on hand to help you.

Contents of this guide:

  • Welcome to Québec City
  • Living in Québec City & Area
  • Welcome to Chaudières-Appalaches

Best wishes as you settle in Québec City and its surroundings!

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